Left alone with his friend

I was sharing him with this bisexual chick who worked as a whore and went by the name of Lucy; we got on great, she wanted to tongue my cunt sometime (uhh yuk, really?) when i was next sucking Jake's cock like a good girl...I believed her. so the relationship between Jake and I was weird to say the least.

Taken for a Ride
Jake took me for a ride in his car to see a friend. I told him that we should have sex or maybe I shoudl suck his dick without Lucy being around so why not pull over to the side of the road?
"Need sex huh..?" he said mysteriously with a far away look in his eyes.
"Well, Gemma, just before you turned up I did Lucy. That was why she was walking funny."
"ah yeh" I said. I knew that, I could tell.
"you like Lucy? She likes you!" he said. "A lot."
"I know! She likes me in the wrong way. I do like her Jake, but..."
"I'll just introduce you to a friend. you haven't met Steve yet."
I smiled at the thought.
"Not yet!"

Left at Steve's house!
The three of us stood in Steve's clean kitchen, the two guys catching up on their guy talk. Is the Car ok? sure.
I was getting a little bored but stood there all smiles for Steve as he looked at my tits. He looked at my tits a lot during their conversation and at my short dress, and stiletoe shoes. my legs and at my cunt. Not my face. Well I was wearing underwear but he seemed to have x-ray vision or something. It was obvious he wanted to fuck me and the thought of doing so excited me. maybe one day we would do a threesome (one without Lucy helping?) The thought of them sharing me was making my cunt moist and tits push at my bra.

Jake's phone rings and sings a song.
He had to go!
oh my, and we had only just arrived to! oh well, never mind.
Then comes the bombshell.
"I'll leave Gemma here with you, if that ok with you Steve. I'll be back in an hour or two."
"huh? uh!!" I moaned astonished at this.
What left all lone with this stranger in his house?
"yeh sure" said steve smiling at my tits.
omfg I was going to be raped...sign.

And then.Jake had gone with a quick hug, kiss and pat on my ass before I could object.
Lucy! I thought.Or was it some other girl he had going?
Maybe Lucy was being misused by some client of hers I thought. 'help!'

So the door shut and I stood all sexy before Mr Steve.
We were alone now, simple! and I was stranded at Steve's place for the next couple of hours.

The air between us was electric and I almost felt panicky.
Steve nodded knowingly at me and said in a deep calm voice
"Lets go into the living room."
"sure why not!" I chirped and he guided me into the room before him.
He flicked the television on and looked at me in a naughty way.

"Gemma, take your clothes off!" he said casually. just like that.
I thought I would faint and I got hot. My face reddened and I wondered what to do.
"we only have one hour, maybe two" Steve explained.
"yeh" I said. right, I heard that too.
"so you want me to? you know, take my clothes off?"
"yeh I do!" he said. "you can keep your knickers on..." he offered.
wow that was wild.

I began undoing my dress for him without thinking about what I was doing. zip....
"I don't think I should?"
"Let me help you with that" he said and the next moment he lifted my dress up over my head and pulled it away. He took it to his chair and folded it away, guarding it from me.
"And your bra, Gemma."
I reached back and unhooked my bra. why not? I'm an easy screw. Everyone knew that anyway.

He obviously did.
"Jake say anything about me?"
"Yeh lots!"
"I thought so."
"I saw the photos too" he smiled.
"oh my." I said placing my bra on the sofa and showed off my tits to this guy. I was standing there wearing only my white good-girl knickers and heeled naughty-girl shoes.
But I was loving every moment of this!

He sat down in his armchair.
"Nice Tits, Gemma" he said and flipped though the television stations..."you like romantic music?"
"ah yeh"
Romantic fucking music?
click, music.
Romantic my ass.
I thought I should offer him a blow job to deal with this situation.
He got his dick out and began masturbating it openly in front of me.

"Gemma, come over here and suck my dick."
"I don't know, Steve...you think we should?:"
I signed, feeling a bit silly and then trotted over to him and knelt down in front of his open legs and erect penis.

My knickers were wet. So I told him that.

He removed his hand so I could lick his dick up to the tip with my tongue. He tasted of maleness to me and was driving my cunt crazy.My tongue played with the top of his penis an then I slipped my mouth over the top of his cock and took it into my mouth.
My head bobbed up and down in his lap.
Just another guy, just another blow job I thought. No big deal.
I felt great sucking his dick.

He groaned and pulled my clammy hot mouth up off his dick by grabbing my long hair in his fist !
"not yet" he gasped impassioned.
oh fuck I thought. now what?

We both stood up and he took me by the hand.
"Lets to the bed room!"
ah, I thought, this is where I get laid!
But then...I didn't want to disappoint him and Jake could go fuck himself anyway.
So we walked off to his bed room.

Again I was not disappointed, It was clean and tidy. Maybe suspiciously so... a double bed too!
oh my! I gulped guiltily.

He took hold of me from behind and pushed his hand between my legs and began rubbing my cunt. There was no hiding my dampness from him now.
"I'm going to fuck you, you slut" he told me.
"oh fuck!" I groaned. We were in hot mode now!

He began slapping my ass.
"ah ah" I said as he spanked my ass!
spanking me into submission maybe.

"I am going to pull your knickers off" he told me and came round to the front, holding my hips and admiring mytits that were firmer with lust.

Then his hands slipped inside my knickers and pulled them down between my legs. I stepped out of them for him and he looked up at my cunt. We could both smell it now, the heat of my reaction to him.
I was now naked for Steve and I looked at the bed.
Did he want me on it, over the end or on all fours?
I would soon find out!

naught sex with a naughty guy
I climbed onto his bed and asked him blunt how he wanted me?
I slipped my legs open for him an lay back across his bed, looking at his erect cock, which was wet from my mouth. I could still taste his salty dick in my mouth.
He got onto the bed next to me and threw a condom onto my belly, unopened.

"Do you want me to fuck you Gemma?" he asked.
"huh? you what?"
I had expected some things but not that.

"yes please, I am fucking gagging for it and if you don't fuck me, Mr Steve, then I will scream"
"Ok turn over onto your front" he asked me.

I turned over onto my front for him, wondering what he was up to. Up to no good that for sure!

He began rubbing his cock over my legs and my ass. I enjoyed his rubbing, it felt good.
Then he mounted me. and slipped his dick between my legs and pushed it partly up my cunt.
Into my wet pussy he penetrated me from behind but only putting half of his dick up inside me.
"oh fuck yes! fuck me, I'm your slut" I said.
He did fuck me; a token fuck, pulling his dick out of me a lot.
He didn't cum, he slipped his dick out of my cunt as I was getting hot and panting, and pushed it against my ass...!

"oh fuck no, steve!!" I groaned.
He was gasping, really horny now.
And he tried to push it into my ass.
nudge nudge, push push....my ass wasn't helping him.
I was wild, but interested in what he was trying to do to me. He was going to do me there and I was loosing my self control fast.
push push, his insistence was being rewarded and I begged him....

"Been fucked in the ass by a lot of men, Gemma?" he groaned.
what did he think I was?
That Gemma slut called me? Or Lucy? (bless her not her real name of-course) but I am sure many many guys have done her ass.

My ass was surrendering to Steve's persistence and began to relax and open....and then...he climaxed over my ass and my legs, moaning and groaning behind me and rubbing his wet dick over me.

Oh Great he had cum.
There was a silence for a time as we lay together on the bed not speaking.
Then he says
"Want to put your knickers back on?"

I shrugged.
"more if you want it Steve?"
Phone went. bring bring.
It was Jake, he was waiting for me in the car.

Time to Go
Steve took me down stairs
and I put my bra back on over my tits and shook my hair.
He brought my dress over to me and I put it back on. He zipped me up so I looked like a good girl again.

"see ya" I said as he opened the door for me.
He held a finger to his lips.

I almost skipped from Steve's house and went looking for Jake's car. Where was he? I walked over to his car and he was playing with his mobile phone and looked up at me as I walked over to him. He had that guilty look about him.
I slid into the car and slipped the seat-belt between my tits.

He drove me away taking me home.
"have fun?" he asked.
"yes I did!" I grinned.
He nodded as he parked the car and gave me a mint chewing gumI chewed it..

He put his arm around me and gave me a big kiss.
His other hand went up my dress and forced my wet legs open and touched the soaking hole of my cunt.
Then he opened the door for me to get out.
As I slipped out of the car, I made sure to give him a naughty panty flash...
"You lost your knickers Gemma" he tells me.

oh my! He was right!
I looked back at him astonished and took a big gasp.
My not so innocent mouth fell open and Jake laughed
They were still at Steve's house! In his bed room! On the floor and wet in the crutch.
A trophy for him.

"Next time you suck My dick! And I want Lucy to watch!"
"I guess..."
"Did he cum in you?"
"er no. He came over...you know...he came over my ass."
"he's an A-Ok guy, Jake, I like Steve."

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Left alone with his friend